Getting Started

Swimming Pool

New to Missoula Masters

If you are just getting started with us feel free to stop by the pool deck during practice and try it out. All you need is a suit, cap, and goggles!

You can try out 5 practices before you sign-up to see if Missoula Masters is right for you.

If you want more information you always contact us.

Next Steps

Once you are ready to jump in the deep end you can go to our monthly dues to sign up for a month (or more!) of swimming.

We offer you the choice of paying each month, as we know how busy your life can be. Or if you are ready to dive all the way in with and pay for multiple months at a time for a discount.

You will also need to register with our National Organization U.S. Masters Swimming. Sign up here!

Diving Board

Contact us today and start getting involved.



May 6th through June 13th

We will practice Monday through Friday from 6-7 pm at Splash Montana.

June 14th- July 31st

We will have two practice options throughout the Summer. 

We will have a group practice from 6-7 am. The other group will practice from 8-9 am.

All practices will be held at Splash Montana.


Stay tuned for more information regarding practice times in August.

September 3rd through 27th

Practice will be from 6-7 pm at Splash Montana.